About Mistress Maria













Describing my motto is Femdom, Yes, This is the word. You have to keep this  in my private session.


Not only physical, but I also do care your submissive mental.

I really like the status gap, between me and you. Like a real queen and slaves.


I am Japanese mistress.

My philosophy that slaves must have spirit of humility.  

We call it 「謙虚(Kenkyo)」in Japanese, is most important thing to me and it turns my dominant switch on.

I hope you understand how deep it is.  


On the other hand, I can also enjoy fun and kinky pervert play.

If you have interest.  Let me know what you want. I will decide if I can accept your request or not.


You need to behaved submissively anyway.  If you agree those, Make a reservation right away.



身長(Height) 153cm

バスト ウェスト ヒップ

(BWH) 83cm, 60cm, 82cm